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still can't use FXP
  02/15-10:27 . 1020  "qiucheng" <> [5]
___ Dear Yutaka Sato, I patched the ftp.c according to your comments, and I added FTPCONF=nodata params, but until now, the problem still exists. Could you please help me? qiucheng
DeleGate/7.0.1 -- randomized text and data area, STARTTLS/SSLway, etc.
  02/15-18:05 . 1021 (Yutaka Sato) [51]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.0.1.tar.gz DATE: Feb 15 14:50 JST 2001 SIZE: 963140 byte
Need feedback
  02/15-18:36 . 1022  Syed Muhammaf Arif <> [10]
___ Dear Sir I need a full information regarding the delegate installation and details how delegate is use because i can`t get any information regarding this ...So will u please provide me these informa
  02/15-22:49 . 1023 (Yutaka Sato) [17]
___ Hi, MOUNT="/http:* http://*" will do. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Division, Electrotechnical Laboratory ( - ) 1-1-4 Umezono,
still can't use FXP
  02/15-22:57 . 1024 (Yutaka Sato) [15]
___ Hi, After the patch I posted, I added some modification to ftp.c bundled in DeleGate/7.0.1 relaesed today, which might work for FXP... Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> http://www.dele
  02/16-01:18 . 1025  KURY <> [86]
___ Hello Yutaka, You forgot the slashes in the left hand side below. I have MOUNT="/* *" which works. However, I mentioned I am already able to do this but I have a lot of other problems as written in
endless loop accessing News
  02/16-01:38 . 1026 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
___ Hi, Reading your log, I suppose that your DeleGate is not entering loop but your client is making repetitive retrials ... Possibly the DeleGate cannot reply to your client because one of it servers,
Tunneling through HTTP
  02/19-22:28 . 1027  James Johnston <> [74]
___ I am facing the same problem. Could you give me an example of how to do this (tunneling applications through HTTP proxy server that checks to make sure of HTTP content)? Security policy is not viola
can i use delegate as a transparent proxy?
  02/20-18:01 . 1028  "=?gb2312?B?1tPmww==?=" <> [34]
___ dear sir: I have installed delegate as my proxy server for http,ftp,smtp and nntp. I do not want to trouble Intranet users to configure their IE to use delegate. Can I install delegate as a transpar
endless loop accessing News
  02/21-02:50 . 1029 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [82]
___ Hi Steffen, My name is Yutaka :p And I'm replying to the list erasing the URL and etc, which contain very useful information (thank you) to locate the problem(s). First of all, problems were in Dele
DeleGate/7.1.0 -- new stable version
  02/22-01:25 . 1030 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.1.0.tar.gz DATE: Feb 22 00:32 JST 2001 SIZE: 963147 bytes MD5
fix to make SSLway go well with both openSSL and SSLeay using 1024bits key
  02/22-20:39 . 1031 (Yutaka Sato) [57]
___ The enclosed patch will make SSLway/DeleGate go well linked with openSSL as well as SSLeay, to use 1024bits of public key connected from older clients like IE4 or NN4.5, without saying "no shared ci
  02/22-22:15 . 1032 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [20]
___ 「DeleGate-ML(日本語)」アドレス変更のお知らせ 先程はテストメールで失礼しました.この4月に電子技術総合研究所は 独立行政法人産業技術総合研究所に統合され、そのドメイン名であった 「」の4月以降の
How to authenticate users?
  02/23-13:24 . 1033  Del <> [44]
___ Hi, I am using delegate v7.1.0 as a HTTPS to HTTP gateway, as follows: /usr/local/delegate/delegated \ DGPATH=/usr/local/delegate \ -P443 \ SERVER=https \ FCL=sslway \ RELIABLE="*" \ MOUNT="/* http:
How to authenticate users? part 2
  02/27-07:01 . 1034  Del <> [43]
___ Hi, I'm getting a little bit further with the proxy authentication. I read the instructions under the AUTH parameter and used these config options: AUTH=proxy:pauth \ PERMIT="*:*:{*,!?}@*" \ ... do
How to authenticate users? part 3
  02/27-08:45 . 1035  Del <> [30]
___ In the documentation of the AUTHORIZER parameter, it states: AUTHORIZER parameter == AUTHORIZER=authServList[:connMap] authServList == authServ[,authServ]* | & | * authServ == authHost[/portNum] aut
How to authenticate users?
  02/28-11:02 . 1036 (Yutaka Sato) [16]
___ Hi, Could you tell me why the authentication must be done at DeleGate rather than the target HTTP server ? Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Compute
  02/28-11:06 . 1037 [29]
___ Because one of the target HTTP servers does not support authentication. Because the target HTTP servers are behind a firewall, and I don't want to authenticate all users coming in to them, only the
  02/28-12:28 . 1038 (Yutaka Sato) [146]
___ I see. FFROMCL is not recommended in your case since its overhead is heavy especially when used with light weight protocol like HTTP. Since your DeleGate is working as if it is an origin server from
  03/01-06:50 . 1039 [117]
___ I thought this would be the case, after seeing what it does. It also acts only as a filter, passing stdin from the browser's output stream and passing stdout to the back end server, i.e. there's no
endless loop accessing News
  03/02-15:10 . 1040 (Yutaka Sato) [68]
___ Hi, on 02/23/01(21:26:27) Thank you for your logs. Your log shows the patch is working when merging servers is going well: 02/22 10:58:41.84 [8838] 1+0: ConnectToServer connected [11] {
DeleGate/7.1.1 -- fixed HTTP and SSLway
  03/02-16:58 . 1041 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.1.1.tar.gz DATE: Mar 2 16:17 JST 2001 SIZE: 963321 bytes MD5:
Can memory usage be reduced?
  03/02-22:21 . 1042  Eric Hameleers <> [60]
___ Yes I have I am currently running a pilot where people will be using several delegate service processes running on an NT4 server. I got the shivers after looking at the process list when this server
Problem about DeleGate-Report: SIGSEGV
  03/07-18:01 . 1043  admin <>
___ Hello, I'm using DeleGate/7.1.0 on a Slackware 7.1/2.4.2 kernel box (Pentium III/600 MHz/512kb cache). I'm running the DeleGate proxy from the command line with a config file (not inetd) with uid/gi
  03/08-10:17 . 1044 (Yutaka Sato) [55]
___ Hi, I can't figure out the situation where DeleGate generates multiple messages on a single SIGSEGV. I suppose those message might be duplicated somewhere during mail delivery, possibly causing ping
delegate in chrooted jail
  03/09-17:58 . 1045 [22]
___ Hi. I would like to install delegated in a chroot jail to minimize the security risk. The only problem I see with the CHROOT option is with the sslway program. I chroot a delegated process to make a
DeleGate/7.1.2 -- fix for using DeleGate via slow line
  03/11-02:13 . 1046 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.1.2.tar.gz DATE: Mar 11 00:59 JST 2001 SIZE: 963705 bytes MD5
How can FTP's data channel be secured?
  03/13-07:42 . 1047  Peter Steele <> [43]
___ We've been trying to configure delegate to secure our ftp transfers but from what we can tell only the command channel is encrypted. The data channel is still sent from client to server unencrypted.
Port Question
  03/13-17:10 . 1048 [46]
___ Hi, I am using delegate as a ftp-proxy. But I dont know how to configure my firewall. If delegate connects to another ftp-server, the remote server tries to open a connection from a port above 1024
30,000 Exclusive Images of Asia
  03/13-20:01 . 1049  Farah Cowan <> [42]
___ Dear Creative Directors / Designers / Marketers, Here's how you can have access to more than 30,000 exclusive images of Asia in 4 easy steps: Step One: Go to Step Two: Browse or sea
Mac OS X Server (1.2v3) [aka Rhapsody] still supported platform?
  03/16-10:24 . 1050  Craig Scratchley <> [273]
___ at wrote on 2/8/01 11:43 AM: When it dumps a core, delegate tells me: 1+1: E-A: core will be at /Local/Users/craig/Library/OpenUp/delegate6_1_22_0/delegate6
  03/16-10:49 . 1051 (Yutaka Sato) [68]
___ Hi Craig, Oh, I've never speculated that a process dumps it's core rather than the working directory... Sure! Thank you very much for your detailed information. The DeleGate died in "http.c:indirect
  03/16-11:15 . 1052 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
___ Hi, The function seems to do nothing bad/good in the case, except consuming large (about 128KBytes) stack space to be extended on demand. Thus I suppose the problem might be caused by a stack space
  03/16-11:31 . 1053 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
___ I found a info. saying this is the very unique feature of MacOSX. [URL:] Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> http:/
  03/17-02:28 . 1054  "W Craig Scratchley" <> [20]
___ --- Original Message --- From: "Yutaka Sato" <> To: <> Cc: <> Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 6:49 PM Subject: Re: [Dele
SSL->proxy->SSL with client auth
  03/17-17:57 . 1055  "Francesco Moggia" <> [73]
___ I 'd like to build the following schema: (1) (2) (1) Connection SSL with a protocol supported by delegate using SSL client authentication (2) Connection SSL with a protocol supported by delegate usi
can't get DeleGate running on win98
  03/18-03:51 . 1056  Luc Van Bockstal <> [29]
___ Hi, At home we want to connect the PC's on the local network (192.168.100.x) to the internet trough a win98 pc ( with dialup. We want to replace an old version of WinGate with DeleGate
  03/18-19:50 . 1057  Roger Buck <> [6]
___ I am overwhelmed, excited and looking forward to investigating this great work in much more detail! Thank you ;^) R.
Broken link in
  03/19-17:04 . 1058  Roy Bryant <> [23]
___ There appears to be a problem on this page of your site. On your page when you click on your link to you get the e
ADMINPASS variable
  03/21-16:46 . 1059  Roger Buck <> [8]
___ G'day Yutaka, can you please explain the purpose of the ADMINPASS and how it is used (I could not find in docs)? I am enjoying playing with Delegate. Thank you, R.
Mac OS X Server (1.2v3) [aka Rhapsody] still supported platform?
  03/22-02:27 . 1060 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
___ Hi Craig, I found that "endless SIGSEGV messages" can occur on Linux too, caused by duplicated fclose(), fclose(fp) for fp which had been already closed by fclose(fp). This "duplicated fclose()" was
DeleGate/7.2.0(beta) -- cleaned up obsolete codes
  03/23-16:04 . 1061 (Yutaka Sato) [38]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.2.0.tar.gz DATE: Mar 23 15:29 JST 2001 SIZE: 945750 byte
RV: Help
  03/27-21:50 . 1062  =?iso-8859-1?Q?Facundo_C=E9sar_Ortiz?= <> [260]
___ Facundo C駸ar Ortiz Distribuidora de Gas Cuyana S.A. Sistemas - 553 ---Mensaje original--- De: Facundo C駸ar Ortiz [
help, fxp still can't work in 7.1.2
  03/28-11:43 . 1063  "qiucheng" <> [25]
___ in 7.1.2, with ftpconf="nodata", I still can not use fxp, can you help?
I need aid with proxy for FTP.
  03/28-20:48 . 1064  =?iso-8859-1?Q?Facundo_C=E9sar_Ortiz?= <> [153]
___ I have a cascade of proxy where if I use WinGate passage by the FTP but with Delegate I cannot happen. It says denied Access to me. Some idea Facundo C駸ar Ortiz Distribuidora de Gas Cuyana S.A. Sis
Delegated and LDAPS
  03/29-21:54 . 1065  Sevcik Jaroslav <> [35]
___ Machine configuration: RH 6.2 Delegated 7.1.2 SSLWay compiled with OpenSSL The following works well: configuration: proxy_server# delegated -P389 SERVER=ldaps://ldap_server FSV=sslway test commands:
  03/29-23:55 . 1066 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
___ If you get a error message in LOGFILE (or on console with -v option) like following, 03/30 11:43:04.35 [6312] 2+0: ERROR: cannot connect to ldap://ldap_server:389 - -1 what should be specified more
  03/30-00:23 . 1067  Sevcik Jaroslav <> [148]
___ Hi, Thanks for your answer, but your advice doesnt solve this problem, here is log file: Delegated start proxy_server# delegated -P389 SERVER=ldaps FSV=sslway 03/29 17:07:35.17 [6448] 0+0: --INITIAL
  03/30-01:44 . 1068 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
___ You may need to add some basic access control parameter like PERMIT="*:*:*". See <Manual.htm#PERMIT> for more details. But I can't understand why your first example (with SERVER=ldaps://host
  03/30-01:45 . 1069 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
___ You may need to add some basic access control parameter like PERMIT="*:*:*". See <Manual.htm#PERMIT> for more details. But I can't understand why your first example (with SERVER=ldaps://host
HTTP proxy performance?
  03/30-12:14 . 1070  "Paul Culmsee" <> [17]
___ Hi I delegate set up on a Win2k box acting as an inbound port mapper for POP and SMTP and outbound web proxy on port 8000 for internal. Users are complaining of painfully slow access for some web si
  03/30-15:29 . 1071 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
___ If you could send me the corresoponding log data in LOGFILE, which may be named as "\Program Files\DeleGate\log\8000", from the "accepted" line to "disconnected" line, it will be helpful for me to s
Delegated and LDAPS
  03/30-16:21 . 1072  Sevcik Jaroslav <> [71]
___ I tried it, but again it doesn solve it :( Delegated start: ... and log again: 03/30 08:50:53.95 [6922] 3+0: 059 2 8 03c 1.2.8. [UNV 16]( 0) 03/30 08:50:53.95 [6922] 3+0: LDAP-SERVER=[@makrela.anect
  03/30-16:48 . 1073 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
___ Hi, "SERVER=ldaps" means that the client-side protocol is "ldaps", but it is not so in your case. You should specify SERVER="ldap". see <URL:/delegate/Manual.htm#SERVER> for more details. I hope thi
  03/30-18:18 . 1074  Sevcik Jaroslav <> [62]
___ Hi, really, it works ! I am apologize, not buggy soft, but buggy configuration ! Now right configuration is ... Delegated start: PROXY_SERVER# delegated -P389 SERVER=ldap FSV=sslway ADMIN=root Comma
mount virtual host question
  03/31-08:55 . 1075  Songbo Li <> [29]
___ hi there, I am having uri rewriting problem when mounting 2 virtual hosts with the same ip address. The command line I am using: ../delegated -P8080 -f FTOSV=-tee-n \ MOUNT="/v1/* http://www.searchi
  03/31-18:08 . 1076 (Yutaka Sato) [60]
___ At least from the viewpoint of symmetrical design with the MountOption "host=-hostname" which is used to care virtual hostname of DeleGate itself, virtual hostname of destination server should be ca
make for delegate
  04/03-06:24 . 1077  "Roberta Sawtelle" <> [121]
___ To whom it may concern: I am trying to install delegate software on my sun 2.6 machine. I have ftp'd the delegate7.1.2.tar.gz - unzipped, untar'd. The directory is /usr/local/delegate7.1.2. From thi
  04/03-16:45 . 1078 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
  04/03-16:54 . 1079 (Yutaka Sato) [21]
___ Sorry, I sent a handmade broken MIME message... The output says: You need "ar" command in your command PATH. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> ( o
Security issue(s)
  04/05-03:05 . 1080 [10]
___ I'm planning to use delegate as a foundation for a firewall proxy based. Are all the bugs affected the older versions fixed ? I think this is an important issue to consider delegate's implementation
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