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[DeleGate-En] delegate9.6.3-pre5 & IPv6
27 Jul 2007 13:09:50 GMT Tero Pelander <>

IPv6 problems in delegate9.6.3-pre5

Problem 1:
Can't use ipv6 dns servers.
Example: first one works ok, second one fails to contact dns server

./delegated -v -P__:3129 SERVER=http RESOLV=dns RES_NS=
./delegated -v -P__:3129 SERVER=http RESOLV=dns RES_NS=2001_670_aa__11

I noticed this because the testserver has only ipv6 addresses to 
nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf.

Problem 2:
Delegated leaks it's internal presentation of ipv6 addresses to web 
pages. Start an ftp-server...

./delegated -v -P__:3129 SERVER=ftp

Contact http://localhost:3129/ and you will get error page
	"*** Protocol Mismatch ***
	... If you intend to contol this DeleGate server, see here."
The target of link "here" is "http://__1:3129/-/". That link makes no 
sense to browsers. In needs to be "http://[::1]:3129/-/".

Problem 3:
Start server as

./delegated -v -P__:3129 SERVER=http

Contact address "http://[::1]:3129/x" and you will get 
	"URL is Unknown or in Syntax Error
	by Yutaka Sato (National Institute of Advanced Industrial
	Science and Technology) @_@V"
The "@_@" is link to "http://[1]:3129/-/" while it should point to 

Despite all these problems the program seems to work well where I need 
it to work. I use it as ftp-over-http proxy to contact both ipv4 and 
ipv6 hosts.

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