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[DeleGate-En] Trying to get selectable-SOCKS working (application level routing)
25 Jan 2007 01:45:42 GMT "Timothy Brown" <>


I have been playing for a couple of days at this with no luck.

I would like to have a scenario where:

- box (Mac OS X) points to local DeleGate
- DeleGate selects SOCKS proxy based on destination (or not destination)
for multiple proxies and multiple destinations eg.
   domain1 = socksproxy1
   domain2 = socksproxy16
   domain3 = socksproxy22
- each socksproxy is actually a SSH tunnel with options ssh -Dxxxx
- direct is used for items not in hostlist.

I have tried what I think should work a couple of times to no success,
but I could use a pointer.  When I do what I think should be working I
get strange UDP ASSOC errors which follow DNS queries, which I assume
means delegate is not resolving using the SOCKS proxy, but I could be

Can someone give me an example of a command line that works here?  I
have stared at the manual for hours. 

The goal here, ultimately, is two use cases:

 - at work, use direct connection only for my domain (local), SSH tunnel
 for everything else
 - at home or VPN, use SSH tunnels for chosen connections to certain
 hosts, but direct for everything else

I would like to know how to do both use cases.  I have followed the
examples but I am not having much luck.

  Timothy Brown

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