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[DeleGate-En] Re: How to specify multi-mail servers on POP-Proxy
27 Mar 2004 18:11:49 GMT (Yutaka Sato)
The DeleGate Project

On 03/23/04(11:26) you "vanny" <vanny@artemis-it..> wrote
in <_A2577@delegate-en.ML_>
 |I've installed POP-Proxy.By using Delegate(POP), I don't want to ask each
 |users to change their existing Account's setting, for instance in the
 |Account's box from "vanny" to "vanny@xxxxxx..".But I still don't know how
 |to specify many mail servers at POP-Proxy.I can realize this if clients use
 |only one mail server by writing that mail server'address at the "Server
 |Option". Is it possible to mount serveral pop servers on Delegate(POP)?

You can specify a POP server for each user like this:

 MOUNT="vanny pop://"
 MOUNT="berry pop://"

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 ( - )  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
_<   >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan
Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller

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